Top 10 internal communication books

As Dominique Wolton so aptly explained, " in communication, the most complicated is neither the message nor the technique, but the receiver ". Theaudience internal does not escape this truth, quite the contrary. 🚀 Bringing together fundamentally different employees, whose interests are divergent, can be very complex. And yet, what could be better for a company than to enjoy good internal cohesion? What could be more effective for a brand than to count among its collaborators ambassadors 

Aware of the multiple challenges and issues that the teams of internal communication (and not only), the We Are COM team provides them with its TOP books on the subject. 🤓 

#1 The underside of corporate commitment: when employees are at the heart of it

How to restore meaning to work and make your employees true ambassadors? 😍 In this very comprehensive book, you will find methodology, case studies relevant and above all testimonials from professionals which will immerse you in the heart of the internal life of large companies such as SNCF, Alstom, Pôle Emploi, Janssen, Bouygues international building or Disneyland Paris.

🙏 Thanks to the 2 experts in employee engagement, Lorena sanchez et Julien Fere, for this book so well documented.

#2 Internal communication – Strategies and techniques 

The BABA of internal communication, its foundations, its challenges, its tools and its stratégies, can be found in this manual. This book is not intended only for in-house experts, since the authors address the issues of contents, corporate social responsibility or strategies social media. Why buy this book with your eyes closed? Jean-Marc Décaudin is a Doctor of Management Sciences, renowned author of several books and forums on marketing and communication strategies. 🙌

#3 Internal communication  

Of course, this book deals with internal communication. Nevertheless, its particularity lies in the fact that it integrates into this approach reflections on new technologies of the Web3 and changing work contexts. 🤖 This management guide, resulting from the collaboration between two expert authors in the business, Eric Cobut and Christine Donjean, will certainly answer all your practical questions.  

#4 Boosting internal communication – Best practices to support changes in the company 

😍 This favorite of the We Are COM team is signed Valerie Perruchot-Garcia, Director of Public Affairs, Communication and CSR of Janssen Pharmaceutical Laboratories. This communication specialist is specifically interested in the internal COM teams, which guarantee adherence to a common project on the part of all employees. An enriching and educational work, full of advice, concrete examples and practical sheets. 

#5 Internal communication and change  

Communication is a moving science. With this book, dive into the changes that concern both corporate life and internal communication itself. Roles of communicators, places of employees, contradictions, suffering at work… How to react to a constantly changing business world? 👀 So many topics that the authors of this book, Nicolas Kaciaf and Jean-Baptiste Legavre, explore with passion.  

#6 Internal company communication  

What are the current challenges of corporate and corporate communication? How to define the appropriate objectives and how to meet them? This manual combining theory and practice encourages the reader to reflect on new internal issues, particularly around internal social networks and theintranet. A successful bet for Nicole d'Almeida and Thierry Libaert, recognized experts in the fields of information and communication. 🙏

#7 Communicating in business – Giving meaning through psychology and sociology 

As we know, the sciences of psychology and sociology are closely linked to that of communication. 🧠 So why not approach a vision of communication, informed by social sciences? Between the understanding of some and the misunderstanding of others, what are the most effective ways to respond to the dysfunctions of business life? This guide to managerial communication is co-signed by two authors who are speakers at the French Association for Internal Communication (AFCI). 

#8 The new face of internal COM' – Reflections, methods, guide for action 

Édouard Rencker is a multifaceted expert, journalist and great reporter, founder of a agency de editorial communication, Vice-president of the association of the corporate communication (now COM-ENT) and above all a specialist in corporate discourse. His work bears witness to his very particular vision of internal communication, an area too often set aside, which today more than ever must become more professional in the face of new challenges. Most ? 📔 The author's pedagogy, his advice, his examples and all the testimonies he has recorded in his work. 

#9 Communication in the company 

Did you know that an average employee spends 65.000 hours of their life at their workplace? ⏰ Once this number is in mind, it is impossible not to be interested in internal issues. This service is the guarantor of the cohesion and the feeling of belonging of the employees, as well as the good transmission of information to all the stakeholders. In other words, internal communication guarantees the " good atmosphere " from a company. Take inspiration from the recommendations of Jean-Pierre Lehnisch, Doctor of Laws and author of numerous books on the topics of communication and marketing. 

#10 Communicate to prevent risks – Towards a synergy of know-how

🚨 Internally, as everywhere, risks are everywhere. Cult of performance, competitive advantages, safety at work, economic changes… These are all threats to the well-being of employees. How to preserve them, both physically and psychologically? How to prevent the various risks internally? Pierre Claude, teacher and specialist in communication applied to the prevention of illnesses and accidents at work, looked into the subject.  

#Bonus for internal understanding Internal communication information – study of communications 

And finally, because good intentions are not always enough to guarantee everyone's well-being, here is a reference work on internal understanding. Alex Mucchielli here presents readers with a new way of approaching internal communication, through understanding. 👉 Twelve case studies of business failures are meticulously analyzed. Are you ready to change the way you audit?  

📚 The We Are COM team wishes you a pleasant and inspiring read. Do not hesitate to consult our other anthologies of the best communication books. 🚀

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