STOP the clichés of communication!

Communication is plagued by many received ideas, and yet these clichés are far from true. 👊 This is why the We Are COM x ISCOM mini communication trade show has tried to fight these stereotypes. What does the communication sector and the daily life of communicators really look like? What are the challenges of these professions? 🤓 3 professionals answer us, examples in support. Talk to the Pros! 📣 Ségolène Tardy-Lehmann is a consulting professional, specialist in advertising communication strategy and project management. On the side of the agency, Eléonore Dumont is General Manager of Illumination. Finally, on the advertiser side, Romain Hamard is Customer Experience Manager at Crédit Agricole Île-de-France. Hello to all 3, to start, what is your job to each? Ségolène Tardy-Lehmann: I am a consultant in project management, professional monitoring and advertising communication strategy with communication schools,…

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