TOP Christmas campaigns 2022

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way… 🎼 That's it, Christmas is back. And like every year, the essential traditions reappear, the Christmas tree, the santons, the illuminated windows, the mulled wine... and even Maria Carey. 🎄 But above all, it's time for the We Are COM team to reveal to you his Top of the best communications of Christmas.  

⭐️ So, forget everything and let yourself be guided by the magic of Christmas, immersing yourself in this anthology of campaigns, each one more magical than the other. Let's go !

#1 – Bouygues Télécom, in direct line with Lapland 

The telecommunications giant is innovating this year by offering us the opportunity to talk with Santa Claus, to the delight of children (and adults). 🎅 In reality, it's not the real Santa Claus you'll have on the line, certainly too busy wrapping presents with his elves. However, you will be able to receive, via WhatsApp, a video of him, personalized thanks to lip synchronization technology. And you, what do you want him to say? 

#2 – O2, makes us melt 

⛄️ It's a true hymn to solidarity achieved at the end of the year by the home services company, O2. This spot animation literally makes us melt, but we won't tell you more (at the risk of spoilers). Anyway, the brand reminds us that we are always better together, all wonderfully carried by the title “Perfect”, by Ed Sheeran.  

#3 – Metro, who likes to punish well 

The distribution chain, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, celebrates life at the same time, with its campaign “Eating is life”. 🍰 Yes, eating is sharing and food is creating memories. This Quebec commercial perfectly illustrates the special moments of life during the end-of-year celebrations, while paying homage to the many local expressions, in connection with the food vocabulary, of course.  

Moreover, the brand tells us at the same time that we spend on average more than 2 years of our life eating. Incredible, right? 

#4 – John Lewis, perseverance is good 

2022 will be no exception to the rule, since this year again the John Lewis brand achieves feats for Christmas and lands in the TOP of the We Are COM team. This shocking awareness campaign risk of making more than one shed a little tear, but rest assured the fall is full of hope. 😍 Congratulations again to the British brand John Lewis and look forward to next year. 

#5 – Orange, Santa Claus is also committed to anti-waste 

"Magic and a lot of refurbished”, this is the message that Orange wishes to convey this year. The telecommunications company tells us that the magic of Christmas also happens when we buy more responsibly. 🎁 Moreover, this advertisement uses the most traditional Christmas codes: Santa Claus, elves, children's letters, gift factory... Check for yourself!  

#6 – Erste Bank, all’s well that ends well 

In this animated film, largely imbued with the fabulous universe of “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, a grumpy old man tries by all means to destroy the Christmas spirit. But that's without counting on the inventiveness of the villagers. ⭐️ Through the spot “#believeinchristmas”, the Austrian bank also tackles the current issues of energy saving, in an optimistic way.  

Did you know that for 3 years, Erste Bank has made hope its priority, with retrospectively the #believeinlove and #believeintomorrow campaigns? 

#7 – Lidl, the success story of a teddy bear 

This time, we are not talking about the “little bear”, but rather “Lidl Bear”. 🐻 This teddy bear, since he donned a sweatshirt branded by the hard-discount brand, has had a real success story. Becoming the face of the brand, completely by chance, our new star plush unleashes crowds and Social Media. We let you discover the touching end of this story.  

And for the anecdote, the sweater from “Lidl Bear”belongs to the exclusive year-end collection,”Ugly Christmas sweaters". 

#8 – Aldi, “Kevin the carrot missed the plane” 

In 2016, Kevin the carrot appeared for the first time on the screens. The Aldi mascot then dreamed of meeting Santa Claus, a mission finally accomplished at the end of a perilous journey. To our greatest delight, Kevin is making his big comeback this year, in the emblematic universe of the Christmas film, “Mom I missed the plane". 🥕 In this campaign, the plant counterpart of Kevin McCallister, left alone at home, tries to repel an intruder, who will turn out to be none other than Santa Claus.  

The hard-discount brand offers us this year a touching advertising spot, which reminds us of the importance of the family and whose profits are entirely donated to the Neighborly association, a platform online donations. 

#9 – Amazon, from dream to reality  

❄️ The iconic snow globe is featured in Amazon's latest commercial, featuring a little girl misunderstood by her dad. But thanks to the mutual aid of the neighborhood and especially thanks to the brand's delivery service, the Christmas spirit will revive in this somewhat sad home and thus bring father and daughter closer together. A touching story, which pushes us to live our dreams, life-size.  

#10 – Transavia, the real good Christmas gift 

On the contrary, in this Transavia communication campaign, the snow globe is denigrated, presented as an old-fashioned and tedious gift. Ah, but wait, the snow globe is actually a sun globe ! ☀️ Indeed, the Dutch airline is offering its customers a gift card like no other this year.  

#BONUS – SFR, Santa Claus rebels 

😁 And to close this TOP with a bit of humor, here is the offbeat advertising of Red By SFR. In this communication campaign, the atmosphere fully respects traditional Christmas codes… with the exception of Santa Claus! Much too busy surfing the dating sites in search of a new Mother Christmas, the latter forgets the main part of his activity. This cynical spot takes the opposite view of the good feelings of the end-of-year celebrations.  

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