Benevolence and resilience: beware of overdose

There are words which, like alcohol, must be used in moderation otherwise you will get really drunk. 🤫 For my part, I have a hangover. I'm tired of kindness. And I'm full of resilience. Often the prerogative of political spheres, these two words have spilled over into the professional and managerial world. Originally virtuous, these strong words used and reused in all sauces have an unfortunate tendency to ring hollow today. And let us be clear, it is not this term that I am questioning but the excessive use that we can make of it. 👇 Explanations. Whether you are a politician, business leader or manager, rhetoric and dialectics are inherent to these professions. The direction of wording is essential. It strengthens the point if it is handled intelligently and destroys it if used clumsily. Unfortunately, through use, certain words contribute to…

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