Communication Trends in 2023

Good news, the year 2023 has two Friday the 13th in store for us, but also 13 communication trends, according to the Club We Are COM annual benchmark. 🙌 And for the, triskaidekaphobes (or number phobics), don't worry, know that for many cultures, it is a good omen! But enough dithering, let's get to the heart of the matter. What were the major trends of the past year and what inspirations can be drawn from them for the year to come? 🚀 The We Are COM team has once again looked into the subject. 👀 Communicators, let's discover together the communication trends in 2023! Trends, a reminder of the context In 2022, the state of mind of the French was marked by concern: inflation, war in Ukraine, pension reform, the vagaries of the health crisis, uncertainty in the financial markets, climate or even cybercrime . And yet, according to the Viavoice study, even if the French are anxious,…

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