What are the words of communication in 2023?

Communication is the art of adaptation. The communicator knows it, it is by constantly adapting to society that his messages manage to take on meaning, to be embodied in the minds of the recipients. 🤓 Indeed, as semiology expert Élodie Laye Mielczareck says so well, "words reflect the evils of our society". Also, what are the words that have marked 2022 and what will be the essential expressions of 2023? 🚀 Club We Are COM went to take a real lesson in semiology from this language specialist, author of Antibullshit, Post-truth, nudge, storytelling: when words no longer make sense (And how to fix it). Hello Élodie, first of all why is the study of words essential for communication? Words are working tools for communicators, they knead a collective semantic pool. More than anything else, they embody society…

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