All about We Are COM Club Meet-ups

What are you doing on Thursday afternoon? What if you shared your successes and your daily challenges with the other members of the We Are COM Club, directly from your workstation? 🤩 You will understand, We Are COM invites you to the Club Meet-up! The Meet-up, what is it? It's 45 minutes to exchange between peers, exclusively. It's about getting to know each other, addressing challenges and sharing best practices. It's a meeting on a human scale – max 20 communicators like you – to encourage interaction. It's a real fun round table to progress together. 🚀 Finally, participating in a Club We Are COM Meet-up allows you to leave with more ideas than when you arrived. And Abraham Lincoln had already understood this: “If we exchange a dollar, we each have a dollar each. But if we exchange a good thought, we both, two...

The suite is reserved for Club members!

  • Unlimited access to We Are Com content
  • Invitation to monthly Club workshops
  • Member area and directory

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