Influencer relations: how to manage them well?

Influence is everywhere! Platforms are multiplying, content creators want to be more and more qualitative and communities are constantly growing. Not always easy to find your way around? 🤯 The We Are COM team comes to your rescue by deciphering this changing phenomenon and exploring influencer relationships, with 3 experts. How to put influence at the service of your brand? How to optimize your influencer relationships? Malaïka Coco, Head of communication and influence responsible for the Bel group, Claire Doisy, Head of e-influence, within the communication, brand & commitment department of the Orange group and Jean-Arnaud Murphy, Sports influence manager at Parions Sport (FDJ) delivered their best practices at Club We Are COM. 👀 Together, let's explore the cogs of influence, this particular activation, this playground of creativity yet drastically regulated. Malaïka Coco, Communication and Influence Manager responsible for…

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