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Do you know who said: You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by shirking that of today »? It is Abraham Lincoln, a visionary, since this adage still makes sense today, in the XNUMXst century. But how, basically, to be responsible and to communicate responsibly? ♻️ To enlighten you in your committed steps, the We Are COM team shares with you its TOP responsible communication books. 🤓 Ready to read? 

#1 – Responsible communication and marketing: Issues and practices of a sector in revolution – Assaël Adary

In the era of ecological transformation, how can communication and marketing players regain their legitimacy? This strategic and practical manual explores in detail the challenges of responsible communication and marketing. The most of this book? It was documented and written by Assaël Adary, renowned communicator and speaker, also co-author of Communicator! 

#2 – The responsible communication guide – Thierry Libaert, Mathieu Jahnich and Valérie Martin

What if you gave meaning to your communication actions? Fight against greenwashing, responsible tools, eco-design and even crisis management... This reference work is, as its name suggests, a true guide to responsible communication.. It allows us to better understand and support changes in society. Thanks to Thierry Libaert, Mathieu Jahnich and Valérie Martin, three experts in organizational communication. 

#3 – The Communicator: all communication for a more responsible world – Assaël Adary and Céline Mas

We mentioned it above, and here it is… The Communicator. It is THE communication manual par excellence. And for its 9th edition, it returns with a responsible approach. Industry trends, case studies and unpublished interviews, this very comprehensive book gives the keys to a well-conducted ecological transformation. And by the way, did you know that We Are COM content is integrated into it? 😎

#4 – The responsible and living company: Giving meaning to work with CSR – Louise Browaeys 

How to put the CSR in the service of meaning? Louise Browaeys, agricultural engineer and great specialist in organic farming, healthy food, corporate responsibility and permaculture, challenges conventional wisdom in this beautifully illustrated little book. In the program ? Theory and practice of employee engagement around responsibility and enriching testimonials from 10 key CSR players

#5 – The impact of CSR on brand image – Anne-Sophie Ban

Consumers' demand for responsibility is growing, a problem to which companies are striving to respond. Nevertheless, how to measure the impact of responsible communication on brand image? Anne-Sophie Ban gives us her research, embellished with hypotheses and experiments. Teasing? Credibility and consistency of messages are essential. We won't tell you more and we'll let you discover results that speak for themselves.

#6 – Towards more ethics in communication! – Andrea Catellani, Eric Cobut and Christine Donjean 

In “Towards more ethics in communication!”, explore the concepts and tools necessary for implementing responsible communication. Integrity, authenticity and transparency… How should today's communicator deal with these new consumer demands? Andrea Catellani, Emeritus Professor of Communication, leads an instructive reflection and sheds light on ethical and responsible communication. 

#7 – The responsible leader's guide: Reinvent your business to make it grow! – Frederique Jeske

What if we took a little interest in responsible management? With “The responsible manager's guide”, put people and the common good back at the heart of corporate life. What to expect ? To an anthology of more than 40 fascinating and inspiring testimonials from emblematic figures of the business world, accompanied by the sharp analysis of Frédérique Jeske, a committed and humanist author. 

#8 – Meaning, the DNA of responsible business: Reflections, testimonials and practices of committed leaders – Cercle Societhics 

The quest for meaning has become the key concern of companies and employees. How to embody its raison d'être? How to reinvent development models? Finally, the notion of meaning is the only one that can guarantee the sincerity of responsible approaches. The collective of committed leaders, Societhics, has looked into this question of meaning and DNA and it's worth the detour! 

#9 – Responsible advertising creativity – Aurélie Costantini 

More than ever, responsibility is at the heart of all issues. But what about responsible creativity? University researcher Aurélie Costantini performs, in this book, a comparative study of creative techniques and advertising tools, to prove to us that creativity can easily convey responsible discourse

#10 Philosophical bonus – Putting an end to CSR: The company as a commons – Cécile Renouard

Is corporate social responsibility, or CSR, too instrumentalised? How to reintegrate this part of the life of the company into its basic strategy? And if to conduct a responsible policy, it was paradoxically necessary to put an end to CSR? The philosopher Cécile Renouard invites us to go further, by beginning to consider the company as a common. 

So, inspired? 💡 If you love communication works, go and consult our other TOPs books. To be devoured without moderation! 

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