ChatGPT & Midjourney: The Art of Promptness

The We Are COM Club looked at new artificial intelligence tools. For a general retrospective of these new technologies, applied to communication: decryption of the sector, its players and brand fun facts, 👉 here 👈. On the other hand, if you want to deepen the practice of these new AI and get used to handling the prompt, you are in the right place! 😎 Yes, the We Are COM team, which doesn't like to do things by halves, wanted to go further in its deciphering of new AI tools, by testing ChatGPT and Midjourney for you. A practical guide to becoming a true prompt artist. 🎨 Focus on ChatGPT ChaGPT is a text-generative artificial intelligence. Access to its previous versions is free from OpenIA. If you want to use the latest version, you have two choices: subscribe to…

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