Internal communication and CSR: how to engage around the zero carbon objective?

Zero carbon objective, why? The answer is obvious. ✅ How? This is where things get complicated… 😬 Indeed, how can we get internally involved in this major issue of decarbonization? How can we personally encourage each employee to adopt good eco-friendly actions? The We Are COM Club went to take a lesson in commitment from 4 experts in responsible business transformation: Valérie Sauteret (Europcar), Emmanuel Petit (Matmut), Elodie Citroen (OGIC) and Sophie Jayet (Unilever). 🚀 Zero carbon objective, horizon 2050, here we go! Expert words Valérie Sauteret, Director of Communication & Corporate Engagement at Europcar Mobility Group Emmanuel Petit, CSR Director of the Matmut group Élodie Citroen, Director of Communication and CSR of Ogic Sophie Jayet, Director of Communications & Corporate Affairs, CSR, Unilever Partnerships, Issue Management How is CSR structured in your company? What are the decarbonization strategies implemented…

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