Influence: Delaporte-Vojetta regulations, what does it change?

Does the regime of influence not obey any regulations? Objection! 🤚 The Delaporte-Vojetta bill brings order to all that. At We Are COM, we could talk to you about influence for hours, but less about the underside of its legal framework... 🤓 This is why, to see things more clearly, we had the good idea to call on Raphaël Molina , co-founder of the Influxio firm and lawyer expert in influence and its regulations. 🎯 The Delaporte-Vojetta law, quesaco? Answers in this interview, which will enlighten all communicators, initiated into law or not. Hello Raphaël, you are co-founder of the law firm Influxio, specializing in marketing influence issues. To start, could you tell us what your customers' main issues are? At Influxo, our clients are the players in marketing influence: advertisers, specialized agencies and of course content creators…

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