Ecology is in full transition, communication too!

Ecology is in full transition, that’s good, communication is too! 🤓 Communicators, how can we become aware and raise awareness of the challenges we face? How to engage around a constructive ecology? And more broadly, how can we build a new reality in the face of current environmental issues? The We Are COM team met the expert in responsible organizational communication, the eminent author committed to the ecological transition, Thierry Libaert. ♻️ Onward to a transition lesson. And to find out more about Thierry Libaert and his fascinating works, 👉 here. Hello Thierry, as an expert author in organizational communication, can you tell us how communication is in full transition? The communication transition is twofold. On the one hand, the very structure of the communication function is constantly evolving. This is what makes all the difficulty and…

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