Glocal communication strategies: 7 examples to follow  

Communicating on a global scale means deploying a global system on a local scale. Easier said than done ? Not necessarily, if we are to believe these great glocal communication campaigns. An anthology selected by the We Are COM team to illustrate its special best practices workshop, to consult here. 😉 McDonald's glocal communication The fast food brand, present in more than 120 countries, is the second largest fast food chain in the world. Also, their international communication strategy is based on a multitude of carefully thought-out local adaptations. It is by studying the culinary and cultural preferences of each market that McDonald's is able to offer specific menus to consumers in the four corners of the world. In China, you can order the “McSpicy”, a spicy chicken burger. In India, you can eat vegetarian by choosing, for example, the “McAlooTikki”. In Greece, bread…

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