The 10 commandments of digital sobriety

Ah digital sobriety… Yes in principle, but in practice? 💡 Between our full email boxes, continuous messages, virtual meetings... it's not always easy to make this sobriety a reality. But rest assured, the We Are COM team comes to your aid and delivers its 10 commandments for greater digital moderation. 🤓 Let's go in search of the perfect balance between well-being and productivity. Digital sobriety: the commandments of the communicator #1 – Electronic devices, you will disconnect Are we breaking down open doors? Perhaps, yet far too many electronic devices remain on, or on standby when we leave our premises. To save energy, nothing is more effective than turning off your computer, your printer, your power strips under the desk... turn off everything! And when you use your devices, don't hesitate to adjust the brightness of their screens, it's always a win. 👉 And…

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