Creativity: inspirations and tips from the We Are COM team

The We Are COM team is convinced, creativity is infinite. 🤓 And Maya Angelou, eminent American woman of letters, goes in this direction by affirming that “You cannot exhaust creativity. The more you use it, the more you have. » How to stay original and inspired? What are the essential methods and techniques for communicators to think outside the box? How can we remain open to this multitude of possibilities that creativity offers us? Here are our tips. 🚀🚀 And to go even further, immerse yourself in the inspiring report from the We Are COM Club workshop, special creativity! #1 – Monitoring and research The sense of observation and curiosity are essential to remaining creative. It is by looking at what is happening around us, by drawing inspiration directly from other creative minds, that we manage to strengthen our inventiveness.…

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