The sound signature: guarantee of singularity, identification and memorization

Ah, sound identity, communicators know it, it is essential for memorization. Who doesn't remember the famous "tadadada", the McDonald's sign or the 4 emblematic notes of the SNCF group's communications? And did you know that? Recently, government communications have taken on a whole new sound signature. To find out more, the We Are COM team went to interview Michaël Nathan, Director of the Government Information Service – SIG. A look back at an inspiring brand architecture transformation. Hello Michaël, to begin with, we would like to know your definition of public communication. Michaël Nathan: This is a vast debate. The terms “communication” and “public” are both quite generic and very precise. I would say that public communication is the explanation and promotion of public policies, in order to make them understandable, intelligible and accessible to all. Indeed, it is……

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