Top 5 internal communication training courses

You are already a communications professional, but you are looking to improve your skills in internal communication? You are in the right place.  

In this article, we have selected for you the TOP 6 training courses that will help you master the issues and tools in this key area. Discover the best options to boost your career and enrich your range of skills.  

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The CFPJ’s “Optimize your internal communication” training

The Center for Training and Development of Journalists (“CFPJ”) is a branch of the CFJ journalism school (Center for Journalist Training). Since its creation in 1969, the CFPJ has offered all kinds of training that is useful to journalists, but not only that.  

The “Optimize your internal communication” training is aimed at managers and those responsible for internal communications within their company. This 4-day training course allows you to learn how to optimize internal communication processes within a company. To achieve this objective, the training covers several areas of learning: 

  • Know how to carry out an audit of the internal communication already in place within the company. 
  • Know how to identify the objectives and challenges of internal communication. 
  • Know how to implement a new internal communications plan and effective management tools. 

Cegos’ “Dynamic internal communication” training

Cegos, a player in the education sector, offershe training “Dynamic internal communication”. It is aimed at people responsible for internal communications within their company or who have just taken this position. 

The training (over 2 days) aims to provide an understanding of the issues of internal communication within a company. For example, you will learn how to set up a network of internal communication correspondents in order to boost internal communication processes within the company. 

The “Mastering the tools of effective internal communication” training from Demos

Demos is a continuing education center located in Marseille. It offers a whole catalog of training on various subjects, including the “Mastering the tools of effective internal communication” training. 

This 2-day training covers concrete themes, so that no prerequisites are required to follow the training: 

  • How to audit the company's internal communication, how to analyze and use the results of the audit. 
  • Implementation of an internal communications plan and choice of effective tools. 
  • Different essential tools and supports for internal communication such as corporate social networks, the Intranet, newsletters but also “print” tools. 

Orsys’ “Successful internal communication” training

Orsys is a continuing education center located in Toulon. He suggests following certified training in internal communications over 2 days. This training entitled “Successful internal communication” aims to teach you how to choose and use best practices in internal communication, taking into account the nature of your company (size and field of activity), its culture and its resources.  

This training is aimed at employees of communications and internal communications departments but it is also perfectly suited to a human resources manager. It covers different areas of learning: 

  • Know how to define the challenges of internal communication within the company 
  • Know the impact of new technologies on internal communication 
  • Choose and use the different tools and supports available to execute the predefined internal communications plan 

 We Are Com’s “Internal Communication” training

We Are Com is a Club and a media that brings together professionals in the communication professions. The members of the We Are Com Club have in common a deep passion for communication and a desire to share their skills with as many people as possible.  

Entirely dedicated to the communication sector, We Are Com offers communication training (Communication Plan, Artificial Intelligence, HR Communication) in order to discover communication professions or to strengthen the knowledge already acquired in this area. 

“Internal communication” training is aimed at all people who work in the field of communication and who wish to improve employee engagement within the company, through internal communication actions. No prerequisites are required to follow this internal communications training, which takes place on one day, in person or remotely. 

Through this quality professional training, We Are Com will allow you to: 

  • Understand what internal communication is, what its issues, objectives and challenges are 
  • Know how to create a targeted internal communications plan and measure its effectiveness 
  • Know and use the different tools for effective internal communication, from the intranet to corporate events. 
  • Adopt the keys to managerial communication 
  • Master Employee Advocacy strategies to transform your employees into ambassadors 

This complete training costs €960 excluding tax. A -15% reduction is applied for members of the We Are Com club. 

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