TOP Christmas campaigns 2023

You guess it… the TOP of the best campaigns team Christmas We Are COM is back. This year again, let's immerse ourselves in the incredible magic of Christmas through the stories offered by the brands.  

What does that look like in 2023? An anthology, once again exceptional, mixing magic, gastronomy and even boogiewoogie.   

#1 – Apple – A blur wow!

What if Christmas was an opportunity to see things from another angle? This campaign is literally Our favorite of this 2023 list. Apple surpasses itself one more year with a scenario perfectly combining creativity and emotion, carried by magnificent stop-design images and a gentle melody.  

And you know what ? Countryside " Fuzzy Feelings » was shot entirely with an iPhone 15 Max.  

#2 – John Lewis – An (almost) perfect tree

As usual, the British department store chain offers us an original and emotional Christmas film. What do you think would be the ideal tree? Certainly not a giant carnivorous plant? Well, at We Are COM, we're not so sure anymore...  

Emotional sequence featuring the friendship of a little boy and his Christmas tree like no other 

#3 – Coca-Cola – All Santas!

Why settle for just one Santa? With " Unleash the Santa Claus in you », the soda giant reminds us that the magic of Christmas is everywhere, in each of us and especially around a Coca-Cola.    

We won't tell you more about the final twist, a nod to the great legend of the brand.  

#4 – Capital One – Disco Santa

Yes, we did talk about boogiewoogie and we didn't lie. This year, the American bank Capital One innovated by revisiting the famous “ Saturday Night Fever "in one" Holiday Night Fever ».  

In this rock'n'roll spot, we find the super swaying John Travolta… disguised as Santa Claus! Ho Ho Ho…Staying aliiiiiiive… 

#5 – Lidl – The raccoon who wanted to celebrate Christmas

How to promote the brand's products? By staging a cute raccoon, a little lost stuffed monkey and a grateful dog. A communication campaign in the spirit of Christmas, which does not fail to tell us that everything we could need can be found at Lidl: decoration, food, toys….   

#6 – METRO – Santa’s rant

Here is the funniest advert in this 2023 anthology. Live from the North Pole, in front of the camera, Santa Claus rebels. He doesn't want any more cookies or glasses of milk. He prefers all the products that we find, of course, at METRO.  

So this year, please Santa and prepare him a roast beef with mushrooms!  

#7 – Amazon – Sharing has no age limit

Still rock'n'roll? Amazon is carrying out a campaign that is both touching and amusing, cradled by “ In My Life », by the Beatles. The multinational takes the opportunity to remind us that Christmas is a sweet mix between memories of the past and promises of the future. This mini-film makes us smile.  

#8 – Orange – The elves review their production circuit

Who said that promoting second-hand products couldn't fit in with the Christmas spirit? Certainly not Orange! The telephone giant advocates reconditioning, repair, recovery and recycling in a spot advertising which perfectly incorporates the codes of Christmas. Dive into the heart of the elf factory.  

#9 – Suchard – Family painting

And the palm of the most moving Christmas campaign goes to… Suchard Spain. The chocolate brand is taking advantage of the end-of-year holidays to remind us of the importance of being together and creating unforgettable memories. Let's go back in time alongside an ordinary family and their dog Zippi. Let's go ! 

#10 – Free – Still better than Reef

It certainly hasn't escaped your attention, Reef is less good than Free. In this series of content funny and quirky, the operator makes fun of his imaginary counterpart. And for Christmas, what a great Marketing strategy miss has Reef in store for us? 


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