Tomorrow, what skills for communicators?

At We Are COM, there is no crystal ball to guess the skills of tomorrow, but an analysis of trends in our professions, in an increasingly complex, uncertain and volatile context. Go further and find out how to take control of your career thanks to the We Are COM Club! Skill: knowing how to talk to AI It is everywhere and would threaten our jobs. However, Artificial Intelligence will undoubtedly be a real ally of the communicator of tomorrow. Text summary, rapid modification of visuals, automation… AI can simplify many tasks – provided you know how to use it, know how to “talk” to it. This is why it is important to train today. The communicator of tomorrow will have to master the art of the prompt! Skill: manage complex projects in the service of your company's CSR commitment Another underlying trend, the integration of CSR issues in all facets of COM'. Among…

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