Innovation and creativity at the service of the AGPM Group

“Never forget to create and innovate, whatever the subject or field,” Anaïs Guthleben, AGPM Group Deputy Communications Director, rightly reminds us. The leading group in military foresight is in fact doubling its inventiveness to involve both internal and external parties in the deployment of a major strategic plan. How to embody and legitimize a brand? How to reflect its strategic expression? Through communication! Content strategy, events, social networks… Anaïs Guthleben reveals a highly inspiring 360° communication plan. As deputy director of communications for the AGPM Group, what definition do you give to communication? For me, communication brings together three essential notions: embodiment, legitimacy and of course the strategic aspect. It seems to me that these three concepts are the most appropriate for defining communication expertise. An expertise whose role is to embody the brand and reflect its strategic expression, internally and externally.…

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