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Communication plans

How to create and deploy an effective plan, in line with current trends and issues?

From mapping your stakeholders to new COM channels, boost your methodology and share your challenges during practical workshops between communicators.

Responsible communication

How to integrate a responsible approach and make its commitments speak in its communication?

From reputational risks to new stakeholders and key tools, discover the fundamentals, the regulatory framework and the best practices of responsible COM. 

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Discover AI (1 day)

What are AI tools? How can we use them and integrate them into our daily lives?

From text generation to image generation through automation, take a tour and test the most effective platforms during a discovery day

Master AI tools (2 days)

How to create “prompts”? What are the best tools for your needs?

Text, image, video, audio… Discover the most effective generative AI with 2 days of training punctuated by exercises and practical applications.

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Write with AI

How to use AI to make your written communication more clear and effective?

From editorial calendars to articles and posts for social media, you will discover how to write appropriate “prompts” in order to produce, in a limited time, impactful writing. 

AI for photo/video

How to create tailor-made visuals and videos quickly?

From the overview of tools to the specificities and parameters of the main photo/video AI, you will discover how to integrate AI into your daily audiovisual production.

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Internal communication

How to engage and take action with your employees
like your managers?

Develop effective strategies to inform your employees, animate your corporate culture and support ongoing transformations.

Employer brand and HR COM

How to attract, retain and transform your teams into ambassadors? 

From the Careers site to recruitment fairs via rating sites, discover the most effective systems and share your HR issues during practical workshops.

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Press & influence relations

How to design and manage a Press Relations strategy
in the digital age?

From identifying journalists to press releases, including editorial methods and tools for measuring your actions, find out how to combine targeting and content to create an optimal "press & influence" relational strategy.

Crisis communication

How to anticipate, understand and (re)act
best in a crisis?

Analyze the impact of a crisis on your organization and the measures to be taken to mitigate its effects during training that will put you at the heart of the action thanks to a simulation exercise supervised by an expert from the crisis communication.

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Social media with AI

How to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by social networks thanks to AI?

Discover the AI ​​tools that allow you to quickly produce high-impact content to create, animate and develop your online communities. A day at the heart of trends, in line with your challenges to get your accounts off the ground on the main platforms. 

Digital advertising

How to create effective devices thanks to new online targeting methods? 

Digital acquisition applies to all areas of external communication. Display, Social Ads, Google Ads, retargeting… Discover how online advertising works, applied by sectors and applicable by all professionals to support your communication objectives.

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