Training – Mastering AI communication tools – 2 days

Transform your communication strategy with AI 

1 euros – 920 days – Face-to-face or remote

AI is redefining the boundaries of communication, providing unprecedented creative and strategic possibilities.

Our training, specially designed by and for communicators, will allow you to master the tools in 2 days.

You will discover how generative AI can transform your creation of textual, visual, audio and video content. This hands-on learning experience will allow you to write optimized prompts and incorporate AI into your daily communications strategy.

2-day training to master AI in communication with We Are COM

Who Should Attend ? 🤓

Who is it for? Are you a communicator already in business and want to discover the potential of AI? This training is for you!
Prerequisites: None…come as you are.

The objectives of the training 🚀

  1. Take ownership of the challenges and possibilities offered by AI in business communication
  2. Master writing prompts for the main generative AI tools text/photos/videos/audio
  3. Optimize your use of AI in your communication process

Next dates : Tuesday June 18 and Wednesday June 19, 2024, Thursday October 17 and Friday October 18, 2024
subject to a sufficient number of participants

We Are COM training takes place in small groups in order to guarantee the quality of the exchanges

Location : Face-to-face – Paris intramuros. Also available by videoconference

Level : Beginner, Intermediate and Confirmed curious

Reference : FWAC-014

Duration : 2 days (14 hours)

Price: 1 euros excluding tax  -15% for members of the Club We Are COM

Option: training accessible in-company here from 5 participants from the same company

The program of this in-depth training on AI 🗓

  • A Fast-Track History of AI, from Alan Turing to ChatGPT
  • Understand the technological advances behind AI
  • The main AI players in the world
  • The challenges of AI in business
  • French / European / global regulations
  • Copyright and AI
  • Moment of inspiration: the first uses of growing collaboration
  • Overview of solutions (ChatGPT / Copilot, Jasper, Gemini, Le Chat, etc.)
  • The keys to prompting on text generative AI
  • Brainstorming and planning with AI
  • Content generation with AI for your blog, social media, intranet
  • Content optimization with AI
  • Focus on writing assistants

Practical case example: design an editorial calendar and create 2 linked contents for your brand

  • Overview of solutions (Dall.e / Copilot, Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, RunwayML, etc.)
  • The keys to prompting on photo generative AI
  • Generate illustrations or photos with AI
  • Edit existing visuals with AI

Practical case example: generate 1 visual based on a specific request and create a visual to illustrate previously created content

  • Overview of solutions (Synthésia, Fliki, Pika Labs, SORA, Stable Diffusion, Heygen etc.)
  • The keys to prompting on visual generative AI
  • “Avatar” video AI
  • “Illustration”-style video AI
  • “Cinema” style video AI
  • Focus on video solutions to save time
  • AI for audio: from subtitling to translation
  • Create your own music with AI tools

Practical case example: create a video based on previously generated content

  • AI and office automation (Google Workspace, Copilot, etc.)
  • Summarize and Benchmark with AI
  • Translate and transcribe with AI
  • Learn with AI
  • Automate with AI (GPTs, Zapier, etc.)
  • Communicator's toolbox
  • Sources to follow

Why train in artificial intelligence with We Are COM 🚀

Training designed BY communicators, FOR communicators

We Are COM is a club of communication professionals passionate about their profession, always on the lookout for innovation.

Our trainers are expert communicators in activity, having proven themselves in business and in training organizations.

We Are COM trainer for internal communication training
Face-to-face or remote training for internal communication at We Are COM

Privileged exchanges, face-to-face or remotely

Our training courses are accessible on site, in Paris (intramuros) or remotely (videoconference).

We guarantee a small group of participants to facilitate discussions throughout the day.

More than 3400 people trained

Since 2020, the We Are COM Club has been supporting communicators in their skills development.

The Communication Departments of large companies trust us for the training of their teams.

Group of learners during an internal communication training by We Are COM


We Are COM training can be supported by your management or your training department.

We Are COM has training organization approval N ° 11922338492 ✅ Talk about it with your HR! 

We can also offer you QUALIOPI financing, thanks to our partner Business+Formation.

As a member of the Club We Are COM, you benefit from a 15% reduction on the price of your training.

We also offer bespoke training. Do not hesitate to call 09 81 85 47 78 for any specific requests.

Our trainers are business experts, members of the We Are COM collective. They have been sharing their knowledge and best practices for several years, always keeping their practical vision of active communicators.

This training is intended for all communicators who wish to discover internal communication or update their knowledge on the subject. 

The “Mastering AI tools in communication” training takes place over 2 days in order to see in more detail certain flagship AI solutions. You will also have time to test for yourself, during practical cases, a greater number of tools, from writing to video and audio. 

Our “AI at the service of communication” training allows you to discover the panorama of solutions, to discover the key elements of the prompt on the main tools, in 1 day with group exercises.

Any questions?
The We Are COM team answers you 😎

In summary...

1 920 euros

2 days (14h)

Face-to-face or remotely

Intra format or inter-company

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