Streaming report

Definition: A report is a journalistic practice of covering an event on the spot, and reporting it as a direct witness. The great report, sometimes abroad or on the front of a war, is a thorough investigation and not a simple testimony relating facts on the spot. Produced by a journalist called reporter, the report can be in various formats: press reports in the form of a long article in a newspaper or magazine, photographic reports with several captioned photos broadcast in the press or on a website, radio reports broadcast on radio waves or made available in podcast format, video reports such as documentaries, etc. For example, there are free streaming documentaries and reports that can be viewed on the Internet. Many platforms offer a wide selection of streaming reports. The reports can be capsules of a few minutes, short films and feature films. There are more and more documentary series that allow you to explore a subject in more depth in several episodes. The themes developed by the reports are numerous: news, society, history, nature, travel or even science. The consultation of a report can be paid for the reader or free, then the media will be financed by other sources of income such as advertising.