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81-83 Boulevard Vauban Lille
81-83 Boulevard Vauban Lille 59000 FR

Generalist communication school recognized by the State, the ISTC - Institute of Communication Strategies and Techniques offers a 5-year training course to become a Global Communication Manager.

The vocation of the ISTC is to train the student in the communication strategy and the techniques associated with it.

This 5-year course also offers solid knowledge in law, management and management in order to allow the student to adapt to a world undergoing profound change and to access responsible professions in the service of the development of organizations and the society.


Title Manager of global communication (RNCP level 7)

License in Eco Management Law - communication expertise

Master in Eco Management Law - communication expertise

Status: Private higher education institution, recognized by the State

Department: 59

Domain: Communication, marketing, business strategies

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