Internal communication

In this world in perpetual transformation, how to accompany the big changes of the company? How to provide employees with the keys to understanding? How to engage them?
The We Are COM team shares its thoughts with you.

Club workshops

The internal COM after!

How can the company manage a crisis and how can it adapt afterwards? In exceptional circumstances, exceptional measures. The We Are COM team tries to clear


"Has the power of the spoken word been underestimated? With the podcast, the voice takes back the power internally."


HR communications officer

The Human Resources (HR) communications manager acts as a bridge between the Human Resources department and employees, and even candidates for recruitment.

CSR communication officer

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – or Sustainable Development (SD) – communication officer has a dual mission: leading the process and communicating


"Not having doublespeak is our pride: what can be said internally, can also be said externally."