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An inspiring conference for your team
950€ HT per conference, eligible for the Training budget
-15% for members of the Club We Are COM
  • Neutral, independent and objective content
  • 1h30 of inspiration on a COM challenge
  • Interactive animation in videoconference
  • Sending an inspiring book to the team


A tailor-made conference for your team
1800€ HT per tailor-made conference, eligible for the Training budget
-15% for members of the Club We Are COM
  • All the features of the MASTERCLASS.Classic
  • Addition of a sector focus or business expertise
  • In video and/or face-to-face on your premises
  • Access to content for one year

14 masterclasses

The new tools

AI training by We Are COM

AI & Communication

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of communication. Communicators face new challenges and opportunities to optimize their communication strategy. Overview of new practices.

Creativity & Communication

How to feed our creativity as a communicator? What methods are used to avoid the white sheet or lead a brainstorming? Our expert will share his good advice with you.

The new benchmarks

COM trends

From global to local, from individual to collective, from rational to emotional, from remote to face-to-face, here we are in search of new balances. To inspire you, we will share best practices and practical advice.

Metaverse, NFT, DAO... Quesaco?

A moment of education to familiarize yourself with these new virtual worlds, understand the uses and analyze the initiatives of major brands in France and abroad. You will leave with all the keys to understanding.

The new basics

Brands: strategies and fun facts

Did you know that lollipops hide a surreal work of art? Or that the Twingo has rhythm in its skin? Do you know the real relationship between Ken and Barbie? An inspiring moment with the little secrets of the big brands.

Press relations reinvented

From the history of press relations to the measurement of fallout, we will review the Athens Code as the 5Ws for the perfect writing of a press release. A back-to-basic workshop with a big dose of innovation. 

The new formats

The event after

Events have become hybrid to reach a wider audience by going beyond the walls in particular. We will present you the best practices and the essential technological solutions to get started in new event formats.

Internal communication according to

Motivation, organization of work, digitization... The internal COM is turned upside down. How to restore meaning? How to accompany the transformations, even the changes of business models ? We will share the most inspiring cases with you.

The new territories

Data + COM = New ads

Digital acquisition applies to all areas of external communication. Display, Social Ads, Google Ads, retargeting… Discover behind the scenes of online advertising, applied by e-commerce players and applicable by all communicators.

Gaming + COM = New age

From gaming enthusiasts to eSports pros, audiences are exploding. Alone or in a team, online or in person, it is a social phenomenon in full structuring. So how do you place your brand there? Deciphering opportunities and pitfalls to avoid.

The new influencers

CtoC influence and BtoB,
use the same recipes

What are the keys to success for influencers? Youtubers and Twittos have common strategies! We decipher together the key elements, to bet on the influence whatever its field of activity, and yours.

Employee advocacy, succeeding in your program

How to deploy your ambassadorship program? What are the solutions to make employees want to promote their employer and their expertise on social networks? Useful feedback...

The new scriptures

The pen, 1st tool in COM

Writing is at the heart of our business. In addition to the fundamentals, such as grammar and spelling, what are the best practices to implement to arouse both interest and curiosity on the part of our audiences? Let's sharpen your feather together.

Storytelling stands out

If your brand was a series, what would the storyline and format be? Inspired by the best screenwriters, we analyze the combinations that allow you to build a thrilling storytelling: only 4 ingredients and a good dosage.

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