363 bis, rue des Pyrénées, Paris 10th
363 Rue des Pyrenees Paris Ile-de-France 75020 FR

CESACOM, created by professors and communication professionals, relies on versatility and rapid progress towards practice.
The BTS Communication offers a solid base which allows access to work-study programs from the 3rd year.

BTS communication
art communication
Registration details
File, interview, tests.
Registration fees
€ 5200 per year + € 1000 registration fees
Internship period
1 week of application internship in the 1st year, 9 week of internship in a company at the end of the 1st year, 4 weeks of commercial internship in the 2nd year
363 bis, rue des Pyrénées, Paris 10th 0 km
CESACOM, created by professors and communication professionals, relies on the polyv ...
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