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A key question for all corporate communicators is how to develop our creativity in an office environment. Man has been creating and innovating since the dawn of time! However, it is not easy to find the right idea when you are looking for it. In our professions, many of us delegate this quest for the Grail to our dear agencies. How to bring creativity into the company?  How to develop it? But by the way… Is it a content or a container for brands?

We Are COM Club received Maxime Delmas, founder of Creapills – a reference media for creative ideas from all over the world. As a tireless spotter and communicator himself, he has shown us that creativity is everywhere: in every sector and even in our own daily lives.

Where do ideas come from?

“In this new world, it is not the big fish that eats the small one, but the fastest one that eats the slowest.” Klaud Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, reminds us that the weight of organizations is too often slowing down the creative process. But then, how can we be proactive in developing our ideas at the right time?

So “there are 4 drivers to creation: the fact of having a problem to solve, curiosity, dream and chance” explains Cédric Villani, mathematician and 2010 Fields Medal winner. In other words, no creation is possible without a new idea! The injunction of innovation – or simply novelty – pushes us to our limits. Let’s dare to go out of the box! To boost your creativity, you must be able to go beyond your own barriers (or those of your company).

Are we all creative people?

If you get a minimum score of 3/5, good news: you are a creative person! 👏

World tour of the most creative campaigns 🌍

#1 Be creative on Facebook with Maes

If you come from Belgium, you probably know it. Maes is the second most consumed beer in the country. But it’s also… the third most important name in the country! To give emphasis to its communication, Maes decided to play on this homonymy by appealing to the “great Meas family”. Thus, each person with the family name Maes was offered a cask of beer. By connecting to the brand’s Facebook page, Maes were invited to choose the bar in which they would share their beer. As you can imagine, many Internet users have swapped their names for the Maes name, making it the country’s first family name. What about the media coverage? A Facebook page generating more than 500,000 users and 75,000 new fans. Another striking fact: one Belgian out of 20 visited the brewer’s website.

🎓 Maxime’s lesson

  1. Maximize the participation strategy
  2. Develop the brand image
  3. Take advantage of the organic virality of social networks

#2 Be creative with a website – Dorcels

What if creativity is boosted by the porn industry? To promote his website, Marc Dorcel simply opened free access to his entire paid catalogue. The only condition? #Without Hands: Internet users had to keep both hands on the keyboard, by simultaneously pressing the A S P and L keys. Within a few hours, the hashtag #Without Hands became one of the most quoted on Twitter. Internet users share every possible and imaginable tip to enjoy the content of the site hands-free. This operation gives Dorcel great visibility on social networks, while also promoting its content. Recruitment, do you want some?

🎓 Maxime’s lesson

  1. A clever and relevant diversion
  2. A creative idea that attracts curiosity
  3. An innovation that generates business

# 3 Be creative with virtual reality – Old Irish

Do you believe in virtual reality? The Old Irish whisky brand has chosen to skillfully blend the virtual and the real to surprise passers-by. How? By offering them to put on a RV helmet and physically recreate the Irish pub scenery they see onscreen. The brand has thus succeeded in reaching a wide audience, through the sharing of authentic reactions. In short, a simple but stunning experience and a very good marketing experience.

🎓 Maxime’s lesson

  1. A surprising impact that plays on emotions
  2. A viral operation: +100M views on FB
  3. An innovative communication for a spirit

#4 Be creative with internal communication

Switch roles to make a difference: it is the bet of the PrimaDonna women’s lingerie brand, specialized in large cup sizes. In order to communicate on the comfort and maintenance of its products, the brand produced a surprising video with the help of its employees. The idea of the CEO and narrator of the video, Ignace Van Doorselaere, was to have all his male employees wear weights equivalent to an E-cup for a day. A funny and intelligent initiative to make men aware of the constraints faced by curvy women.

🎓 Maxime’s lesson

  1. Laughing over a serious cause
  2. Develop internal solidarity
  3. Create empathy between employees

Maxime’s advice to strengthen your creativity 👌


The creative process is a long and challenging path, where you don’t just walk around. Above all, we must question our certainties and learn to move towards the unknown. Think of your operations in their social dimensions to use the power of social networks to your advantage.


The right idea is the one that will be appropriate for your audience. It is therefore important to have a good knowledge of your community. Ask yourself: what content will work, in relation to your history, your vision? Twitter is one of the best crash tests for me: if it works on Twitter, it will also work on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. Choose the video format for an impactful and social communication.


For a good monitoring of social networks, there is no secret. Expand sources and feed on the creativity of social networks. Curiosity is a prerequisite for identifying the best initiatives. And inventiveness is a discipline that is shared. Developing your inspiration begins by exchanging with other communicators. Brainstorming is often an excellent starting point.

TOP 5 good practices identified by clubbers💡

  1. Listening to your customers, giving them a voice at every stage and allowing them to innovate alongside you.
  2. Develop a relationship of trust with your teams to encourage them to share their ideas.
  3. Encourage curiosity and questions, be a society of researchers and solution finders!
  4. Create diversity, so that communicators are creative, let them be themselves.
  5. Encourage and reward creativity, with a monthly prize for the most creative idea. After all, we do reward salespeople so why not creative people!

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