How to recruit in communication?

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On average, more than 200 applications are received for the position of Communications Officer (M/F). While there is no shortage of candidates, there are just as many vacancies: more than 26,000 communication jobs are posted on Competition is tough and sourcing is difficult. So how do you make an offer visible to the best profiles? The We Are COM Club has investigated these questions for you. Here are our answers 🤓

What is the situation of the Communication market?

The Communication sector is growing, driven by digital. In 2017, EY counted 155,000 jobs on the advertiser side and 115,000 on the agency side. In addition, there are 430,000 indirect jobs (digital, production, printing, catering, digital, etc.); i.e. a total of 700,000 communication jobs in France. According to the Sup’ de COM school, the TOP 3 communication disciplines are: commercial communication, corporate communication (internal and external) and digital communication including data.

What is the evolution of salaries?

In 2019, the most sought-after profile is social media manager. Mechanically, Expectra – Mickael Page has noted a +6.2% increase in the remuneration of communicators practising this profession. We notice that generalist profiles, such as communication managers, see their remuneration increase by +3.2%. In addition, Page Group underlines that there is a bonus for having two areas of expertise (COM + Digital, COM + Finance, COM + HR, COM + Marketing) because these profiles are seen as more evolving by recruiters, who are therefore more inclined to increase the level of remuneration.

10 tips for successful recruitment

1. Sell your company thanks to the attractiveness of its employer brand

2. Promote the writing of your offer: it should be a showcase, not a job description. So, create a text as simple as possible so that potential candidates are not scared off as early as the third line. The detail can be discussed during an interview!

3. Think of internal recruitment by chasing in the neighbouring service. Mobility is not just for you 😉

4. Recruit with your HR contact (yes yes!) who will publish the offer in the company and on external sites free of charge such as Pôle Emploi, Apec or We Are COM websites.

5. Share your offer on social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook’s job groups

6. Treat your candidate as a prospect or future customer

7. Humanize your approach

8. Prepare your interview, in person or by video (Skype, WhatsApp)

9. Speak as little as possible during the interview and let the candidate talk to you

10. Find out more about your candidate: e-reputation and reference checks with the candidate’s agreement

Join the We Are COM Club !  

The Club We Are COM allows Corporate Communication teams to progress together through moments of sharing best practices only between peers, across all sectors. Objective: 1h30 of immersion once a month on practical cases and concrete answers to the major challenges of the COM. A transparent and independent exchange based on feedback: 0% self-promotion, 100% conviction.

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