Why Semiotics Are Essential To Communication

🇫🇷 French Version How do we play with words, what are their meanings, signifiers and connotations? Is the sender’s intention always perceived in the same way by the receiver? You already know that it isn’t! So in order to communicate effectively, let’s focus on the psychological mechanisms at work when two entities reach an understanding, ideally one that’s common or at least “optimized.” 🤓 🚀 We had the great pleasure of welcoming an expert in the matter during a workshop with Club We Are COM: Elodie Mielczareck, a passionate and captivating semiologist. Specialized in language and “body language,” she works as a consultant and delivers training to corporate leaders to develop communication strategies: semiological auditing, strategic planning, and defining brand values. She’s also a frequent guest on television, offering a semiological analysis of current events. Let’s take advantage of this first episode to soak in all of her spectacular knowledge.…

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