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Looking for the best communication blogs? We share with you here these blogs which enlighten us. How? 'Or' What ? Their authors are real experts, each offering a different perspective on our profession. The tool of this classification: our pifometer. Go!

The podium

1. Brand News Blog

Hervé Monier is the addition of a creative, a dircom and a curator. For a corporate communicator, this is the blog not to miss : as soon as your brand hurts, we advise you to read 2 to 3 articles (interview, study analysis, decryption, etc.) and you will feel invigorated to go back to defend your brand. This prescription is valid for Hervé's Twitter account.

2. The communicator's blog 2.0

Olivier Cimelière has been a favorite of our browsers for a long time. With his sharp and talkative pen, this communicator 2.0 (formerly journalist then dircom, today consultant) analyzes communication issues and major trends: reputation, digital transformation, changes in professions and organizations, etc. If the subjects are numerous with Olivier, the common denominator is relevance.

3. Dircom, the blog

You will find forums and interviews with Frédéric Fougerat everywhere. You will find him especially on his blog: Dircom The blog. Since 2009 (respect!), Frédéric has shared with us more than 25 years of experience in communication (double respect!). Passed by Vedior (ex Ranstad), Geoservices, Altran, Elior and today at Foncia, he is one of the most connected dircoms (triple respect!).

The rest of the ranking

4. The partnership blog

How will Coca-Cola land on the planet Euro 2016? How does the Laughing Cow go over it encrusted in a jar of Zapetti tomato sauce? With Patrice Laubignat, emotional marketing consultant, we go behind the scenes of partnerships between brands, with services or even events. Patrice explains the strategies implemented to serve brands and their audiences. We love !

5. Let me tell you

Here is a blog that will make you travel! Emmanuel de Reynal, Martinican advertiser, offers us an offbeat look at COM and advertising seen from his window: overseas. You will say to yourself " Oh no, they didn't dare "By discovering slogans of the genre" beauty fuel "For a car or" May the pit be with you For a DIY store. Ready for the trip with Emmanuel?

6. ad exchange, hosted by Luciana Uchôa-Lefebvre (multi-pen editor), is the 1st blog dedicated exclusively to real-time digital advertising, and more particularly to programmatic and media-trading. Honestly, these technos seemed obscure to us. We therefore thank Luciana for her teaching skills.

7. Reputation Lab

What is a crisis? What post-event decryption and what lesson to draw from it? To answer these questions, we have a friend: Nicolas Vanderbiest, expert in e-reputation. In his "laboratory of crises of reputation and phenomena of influence", he puts on his white coat and autopsy what makes "event". He deciphers for us these little signals that make the big breaks with public opinion. We like it… but let's hope we never enter Nico's lab ^^

8. Frank La Pinta

Before reading the blog of Franck La Pinta, head of digital communication for a bank, ask yourself about the link between communication and its cousins, Human Resources. Franck enlightens us on relational transformations in large organizations: the emergence of corporate social networks, the battle for employer brands, the symmetry of customer and employee attention, etc. Yes, it is our COM HR lookout without gossip ahahah

9. The idea that kills

No, this blog will not talk to you about corporate communication (though) but mainly about advertising. Keyboard ? Nicolas Bordas, President of Being (no, it's not a search engine, though) and Vice-President of TBWA Europe, shares with us the "stuff" that kills: the image that kills, the film that kills, the book that kills, the design that kills. We only have one thing to say to Nicolas: we miss you in your sections, come back!

10 News logo

Published by the Be Dandy agency, gives us news of logos (we could have been detectives) and more broadly the graphic identities of brands. Simple, efficient, visual… you won't find better elsewhere.


Oops we are breaking the rule since we prefer passion to reason


We invite you to continue with the brands by browsing WonderfulBrands. Edited by the W&Cie agency (Havas group), this blog will reveal all the creativity of brands (and their agencies): advertising, retail, digital, innovation and even socks!

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