TOP 5 podcasts in communication

On average, 4 million people per month listen to podcasts. You don't want to lose track of the news? Do not panic ! The We Are COM team has concocted a top 5 of the best communication podcasts, to listen without moderation, from the bedroom to the living room via the office. Just download them, and you're done! : )

🎤 Moment M

You are not available from Monday to Friday at 9:40 a.m. to listen France Inter ? No stress… thanks to the replay of the media journalist's show Sonia devillers which "seizes with the leap all that social networks and continuous chains have deeply upset: the treatment of the news, the weight of the small sentences and the shock of the images". What (re) start the day awake!

🎤 Bababam

Available on all streaming platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Google Podcast, etc.), the podcast channel founded by Pierre Orlac'h, former general manager of Cherry Group, offers something for all tastes: with Now you know, you will be able to decipher and understand the acronyms, concepts, trends that make our news; or even understand everything about the brands' strategies told by their managers in The Footprint. For English speakers, Do you Really Know ? explains in three minutes “the true meaning behind the trends, concepts and acronyms that are making headline”. So smart, isn't it?

🎤 Wow!

“Getting back to the basics of marketing to better understand its modern developments”: such is the concept of Wow !, the podcast founded and hosted by the speaker and author Gregory Pouy, to be found once a week on all streaming platforms. In each issue, a new guest explains how and in what way his job is linked to a question of communication. Perfect for opening up your field of vision!

🎤 Superception

Once a month, the guests of Christophe Lachnitt, ex dircom of Naval Group, are on the air of the Superception podcast to talk about their career and their vision of our profession. “The objective is to discover a personality behind a professional and the underlying trends behind the immediacy of our time”. The key to understanding!

🎤 Chat

From Quebec, the verb "chat" means "to dialogue with other Internet users". The communicator Simon robic turned it into a podcast: Instant message, the first conversational marketing podcast. The concept is simple: analyze why and how brands should use online messaging platforms more to grow. Didn't you say innovative?

It's over, and yes, all good things come to an end ... But do not hesitate to consult our top newsletters for even more hidden knowledge!

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