The Coyote returns

Laurence Larvor joined the pack in January 2016. Six months after her arrival, the new communications director signed Coyote's return to advertising and PR.

After taking over orders from its founders, the company is entering a new chapter in its history: international development and deployment of new innovations presented at CES in Las Vegas (products, data monetization, iCoyote apps, etc.) making it possible to offer users a navigation service in real time and throughout Europe. In short, Coyote wants to become the European leader in connected services for drivers. And what does it look like on the advertising side? We asked Laurence Larvor three chrono questions.

What image does Coyote convey and where do you want to take it?

Coyote enjoys great notoriety: the brand is known to all. Having said that, it is a brand which, although it is present in the minds of people, has gradually run out of steam over time. The challenge today is to reactivate the brand, to put it back on the front of the stage, in the spotlight. The objective of this campaign is to restore Coyote to its full appeal and (re) seduce its target.

You went from “speed camera warning” to “driving assistance”… between us Laurence, what is your position?

We are much more than a warning of danger zones. Coyote indicates traffic disturbances, safety issues (stopped cars, damaged cars) as well as objects in the lane, etc. Our model is simple: users report traffic to us, all information received is verified by algorithms and then confirmed by X users. Following this, we make the information more reliable and transmit it to the entire community within a short timeframe. Coyote positions himself as the acolyte of his user, accompanying him in his conduct.

Your new campaign highlights “the solitary animal that warns the united pack”, are you reinventing the superhero in the middle of the collaborative era?

There is a bit of that ... If the user experience is individual, it is enriched with the community. Through this campaign broadcast on the internet, TV and radio, we wanted to reaffirm Coyote's leadership in terms of real-time alerts in a competitive context, reassure our reliability and at the same time demonstrate the power of Coyote. . If Coyote is so reliable, it's because of his community. Coyote users are active, involved, and committed to alerting each other to possible dangers. To feed the community, we launched the hashtag #joinleute. We also organize sponsorship operations always with the aim of federating our users and going beyond solitary use.

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