The Coyote returns

Laurence Larvor joined the pack in January 2016. Six months after her arrival, the new communications director signed Coyote's return to advertising and PR. After the resumption of orders by its founders, the company begins a new chapter in its history: international development and deployment of new innovations presented at CES in Las Vegas (products, monetization of data, iCoyote apps, etc.) to offer users a real-time navigation service throughout Europe. In short, Coyote wants to become the European leader in connected services for drivers. And what does it look like on the advertising side? We asked Laurence Larvor three timed questions. What image conveys Coyote and where do you want to take him? Coyote enjoys great notoriety: the brand is known to everyone. That said, it is a brand that, although it is present in people's minds, has gradually…

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