Semiology, essential for communication!

🇬🇧 Version française How to play with words, what are their meanings, meanings, meanings, connotations? Is the intention of the sender of a message invariably that which the receiver will perceive? You know very well not! So, to communicate in a relevant way, let's look at the cerebral cogs that allow two entities to access an understanding, ideally common, in any case "optimized" 🤓 🚀 We had the pleasure of welcoming the time to a Club We Are COM workshop an expert in the field: Elodie Mielczareck, passionate and fascinating semiologist. Specialist in language and "body language", she advises and trains business leaders and supports communication strategies: semiological audit, strategic planning, definition of brand values. She also intervenes on TV sets to provide a semiological decryption of current events. Let's not miss this masterful knowledge in this episode #1. You want to know…

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