TOP 10 AI tools for augmented communicators

It seems that things would never be done as well as by oneself. But that was before we knew about Artificial Intelligence (AI). No, of course we're joking. 😊 Nevertheless, artificial intelligence can save time and be an unrivaled source of inspiration for communicators. No more blank pages and the stress of V1! So why not give in? To help you see things a little more clearly, the We Are COM team has identified the best AI tools, applied to abstract. Are you ready ? 🤖 Dive into the creation of contents 3.0.

#1 - – Creation of videos from text

Do you want to transpose textual content into audiovisual content? 🎞 Nothing could be simpler with On this platform, simply enter a script to instantly transform it into a video, delivered by very realistic AI voices. has more than 900 voices, available in 75 languages ​​and a super well-stocked multimedia library. Creation time: 2 minutes TOP time!

#2 - – Creation of mood boards

Ah the mood board... 🔖 all creators know that this essential task is no less time-consuming. But as always, artificial intelligence can give you a little help in developing your “trend boards”. has a multitude of images to be able to offer its users the content most suited to their projects. What could be more effective than a successful moodboard, to create a hassle-free brief?

#3 - – Creation of illustrations 

🎨 Whether for your icons, your Logos or even for your wallpaper that you have seen enough… AI also allows you to create illustrations. Go to and enter your keywords separated by a comma in the search bar, select the desired layout and quality level. And after ? It's magic, your illustration is generated in seconds. 

#4 - – Creation of web pages

How to create your page website web in 1 sentence? Thanks to the artificial intelligence of How to proceed ? Sign up for the beta, explain the desired rendering in one sentence and presto, a web page is generated. Then, you are free to modify it manually. 💻 Practical, right? 

#5 - – Creation of design from a sketch

📸 With Uizard, what's incredible is that artificial intelligence produces a design from the photo of a sketch, simply uploaded to the platform. Result ? In a few moments, you are in possession of a unique and original model. And for those wondering, no design experience is necessary.

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#6 - – Creation of textual content

Tired of racking your brains to write your content? Short articles, posts on social networks... 📝 What if you got help? With, artificial intelligence takes care of everything, from content to form. Go to the app, set the tone and style you want, enter your instructions and let yourself be guided.

#7 - – Creation of professional visuals 

This AI tool has the particularity of being an expert in the production of branded content. Even if the platform offers a very clear demo, we explain it to you in a few words. Upload your image to, remove the background and simply describe what you want: background, colors, objects and accessories. In other words, with this artificial intelligence, you become a real photographer in a few clicks. 🌠

#8 - – Music creation 

What if we talked a little about music? 🎧 With, artificial intelligence is used to provide background music for your content. Videos, podcast or even stories, with this brilliant tool, you can compose a royalty-free piece according to your desires. Import your content, define your genre, your style, your atmosphere, your mood and… compose. 

#9 - – Creation and planning of content for social networks

How to automatically generate and publish content (banners, videos, audio, etc.) on all Social Media and thus boost your statistics instantly? 🔮 By using, an AI solution that has the advantage of measuring live engagement performance. So, what are you waiting for to make your life easier?

#10 - Profilepicture.ia – Creation of avatars

Who has never dreamed of finding the perfect profile photo for their social accounts? Once again, we're laughing! 😊 With Profilepicture.ia, you will simply have the opportunity to generate an avatar in your image, but the result is stunning. It is not for nothing that this technology already has more than 4 million photos generated. 

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