UX Design: the meeting of emotions and communication

The human being, in his essence, is endowed with emotions. 😍 No, this article dedicated to UX Design does not deal with metaphysics or philosophy, but rather with communication. Simply, it is essential to remember that Man and his feelings must invariably be at the heart of any communication strategy. The digital transformation and the multitude of technological tools that result from it are effective if, and only if, the human being remains the main component of any action. Did you know that 70% of purchases depend directly on the emotion aroused by a brand or a product? (source: Anthedesign) This is why the user experience – in other words UX Design – must be thought out or rethought, through the primary instincts common to all human beings. Because algorithms are not always enough to capture the singularity of individuals, because digital tools still have…

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