Behind the scenes of naming: the golden rules

The name being the basis of all your communication, it therefore requires special attention. 🎯 He is asked to reconcile more and more contradictory constraints: combining digital culture and trademark law, being consensual, internationalizable, transversalisable, depositable, unique. It also has to make it emerge on increasingly crowded markets. How to manage all these objectives? The creation of a brand name is becoming more and more like high-flying. 🤯 After inventing several hundred brands, Jacques Seidmann, naming expert and founder of the MàLT agency, shares his experience with the We Are COM team. ✅ Naming: the 13 golden rules 1 – Good preparation is essential 🧘‍♂️ Most name searches fail due to insufficient reflection upstream on the final identity of the brand and the differentiation criteria to be put ahead. Build your…

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