Brand stories: behind the scenes of successful brands 

Brand stories mingle with great history. Their roots, their origins, their successes and even their missteps are not insignificant. Brands say a lot about us. Why not look into these, which denigrated or adored, founded our society? 🚀 This is the project undertaken by the We Are COM team by publishing its first book Les petits secrets des grands marques (Dunod edition) illustrated by the creation studio Les Jumelles and prefaced by Hervé Navellou, CEO of L'Oréal France and President of the Union des Marques. 🤓 And because at We Are COM we are curious and eager to always learn more, we have dedicated a workshop of our Club to the strategies of big brands and their little unknown anecdotes. ✨ Communicators, here is the ideal cheat sheet to shine at the coffee machine! #1 – Brands play with…

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